way•ward (adj.)  turning or changing irregularly; unpredictable; swayed or prompted by caprice

Episode 001 - 4/07/2007

This is the first full episode of Wayward Cast. It's a little hard to watch, as I mumble a little to much and talk a little too fast. In time this should improve.

The episode itself serves solely as an introduction, and I ramble on about that topic.


Episode 000 - 3/29/2007

This is a test of concept, and as such the episode is only a few seconds long and contains no real information. This 'episode' was filmed in the back of a friends car, mainly to determine the viability of filming in a moving car to determine how voices will sound.

The next episode will likely be somewhat delayed, as a means of mounting the camera to the dashboard without it slipping around has not yet been found..


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