way•ward (adj.)  turning or changing irregularly; unpredictable; swayed or prompted by caprice

Bobby T.

Wayward Cast was created & is hosted by Bobby Thompson. Bobby is a computer programmer, producing Windows software using C# and Delphi. Bobby is also a long time Mac user, having used & owned several Macs since 1994.

Bobby is also the webmaster for torgo.org, a site he has maintained since 1998. He also maintains other domains, all of which can be found thru the Big Knee Productions site.

You can get more of an idea about Bobby's views by reading The Torgo Blog.

Christine T.

Christine is the wife of Bobby, and serves as the co-host for the podcast. Christine does so, by default, as the nature of the podcast requires her to be visible at the very least.

For thoes of you who know Christine, and are wondering about her name, Christine is her English name thru baptism. In order to remain semi-anonymous on the net, she will be using this name in place of her more commonly used chinese name.

Christine also has a Xanga Blog if you care to read more from her.